Interview – Mohammad Tarikul Islam

E-International Relations • Jun 15 2021 • Features

Tarik Islam discusses participatory rural development, the importance of citizen participation, localizing the SDGs in Bangladesh and the need for non-traditional methodologies.

Beyond the Humanitarian Rhetoric of Migrant Information Campaigns

Juliette Howard • Jun 14 2021 • Essays

By framing migration negatively, migrant information campaigns aim to change migrants’ perceptions to deter them from leaving in the first place.

Opinion — Who Is in Charge of Decolonizing Africa?

Christiane Ndedi Essombe and Benjamin Maiangwa • Jun 14 2021 • Articles

Africa cannot possibly thrive if it upholds an identity and standards that were precisely created to eliminate African culture and assimilate African peoples into foreign ideals.

Women for Profit – Seeking Asylum in the United States: A Neocolonial Story

Sara Riva • Jun 14 2021 • Articles

Through neoliberal processes, women who seek asylum are subject to exploitation both in their countries of origin and once they reach their destinations.

Mexico’s Sowing Life Program: Deterring Immigration or Climate Change Dilemma?

Franco Laguna Correa • Jun 14 2021 • Articles

The Sowing Life Program could become a regional endeavor to contain immigration towards the North and improve people’s lives in Central America.

Interregionalism Matters: Why ASEAN Is the Key to EU Strategic Autonomy

Oscar Eggleton • Jun 13 2021 • Essays

Powerful regional organisations will be vital to ensuring that third powers retain their autonomy and do not become beholden to the interests of superpowers.

Theoretical Explanations of the Prevailing Instability of Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Sinmyung Park • Jun 12 2021 • Articles

Relying on current explanations that do not address the potential historical root causes or complexity of the conflict delays effective political responses.

The Security Risks of Anti-Roma Hate Speech on Social Media Platforms

Pavlina Pavlova • Jun 12 2021 • Articles

While the people most suffering because of hate speech are those who are targeted, hate speech divides societies, and increases the overall degree of aggression and insecurity for all.

Is the Nature of War Changing? Time to Avoid a Supposedly Unavoidable Question

Lotta Rahlf • Jun 11 2021 • Essays

Contemporary thinking on war relies on Westphalian-Clausewitzian ideas. A re-conceptualization is needed to abandon this frame and its interventionist polices.

Review – Anticolonial Afterlives in Egypt: The Politics of Hegemony

Nicola Pratt • Jun 10 2021 • Features

Using the work of Antonio Gramsci and Franz Fanon, Salem’s book analyses postcolonial Egypt and explores how the failures of this period contributed to the 2011 revolution.

Interview – Saloni Kapur

E-International Relations • Jun 10 2021 • Features

Saloni Kapur explains how an English School appoach enhances our understanding of security, the implications of dehumanising terrorists, and regional cooperation on countering terrorism in South Asia.

Reshaping the Role of Women in Politics: The Case of Turkey

Paula Lobato Gonzalez • Jun 8 2021 • Articles

With the changes in the current government discourse, seeking gender justice rather than gender equality, there is a new reshaping of the figure of women.

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