Our Fragile Bodies: Economic Change, the Nation-State and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Francisco Antonio-Alfonso • May 11 2021 • Articles

Although it is not feasible to assess the ultimate implications of COVID-19 currently, the pandemic has already revealed multiple long-term dynamics in our societies.

Broken Threads: Reshaping Multilateralism with COVID-19 under Way

Carlos Frederico Pereira da Silva Gama • May 10 2021 • Articles

Even though COVID-19 developments set states and economies further apart, a new push from the Biden administration can partially restore confidence in multilateral endeavours.

Interview – Victor Khodayar-Pardo

E-International Relations • May 10 2021 • Features

Victor Khodayar-Pardo discusses his work for the United Nations, including the organisation’s response to Covid-19, environmental issues and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Rojava’s Patriarchal Liberation: Solving the Feminist Anti-Militarism Problem?

Hedda Gudim • May 10 2021 • Essays

Kurdish women and feminism constitute a force of resistance against patriarchy and domination through the conjunction of democratic confederalism and military resistance.

Understanding Syria’s Sectarian Wave

Raymond Hinnebusch and Ola Rifai • May 9 2021 • Articles

The first condition for de-sectarianization is the end to external competitive intervention in Syria’s conflict. Much will depend on what dominant national identity is constructed to replace (or restore) Arabism.

What English Language Teachers Can Teach IR about Pedagogy

Daniel Clausen • May 9 2021 • Articles

At their core, English language teachers (and their IR active learning compatriots) believe that more people should be empowered to speak, and should help others find their voice.

Opinion – The Viability of Iran Nuclear Talks Without the Gulf Cooperation Council

Poornima B • May 7 2021 • Articles

The world powers who are currently negotiating with Iran need to explore the prospects of drawing in the GCC to explore wider solutions.

Climate Debt: A Model for Indigenous Latin American Self-determination?

Danielle Santos • May 7 2021 • Essays

Latin America provides relevant context for the implications of a climate debt scheme given its high levels of foreign debt and significant export of natural resources.

Signature Pedagogies and International Relations Theory

Mathew Davies • May 7 2021 • Articles

The value of political science in general stems from the creation of informed citizens who see the world with empathy, with humility, but with hope in their own agency.

Interview – Erik Jones

E-International Relations • May 6 2021 • Features

Erik Jones talks about the EU’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, multinational governance, economic disparities, and the future of European integration.

The Status of African Women in Foreign Policy

Primrose Z.J Bimha • May 6 2021 • Articles

The dominance of patriarchal sociocultural values continues to undermine prospects for women to aspire towards or thrive within foreign policy oriented spaces.

The Potential Impact of Cyber Capabilities on Future Strategy

Nitin Menon • May 5 2021 • Essays

The elaboration of future strategies requires the analysis of long-held beliefs of what is violence, and what is war in this new cyber era.

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